CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic

CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic is, in Seville is an International centre of reference.

We are experts in Ocular Microsurgery with more than 20 years of experience and we offer our patients high class made-to-measure treatment.

Know our History

In 1999, the International Center for Ocular Microsurgery was born in Seville CIMO , by Dr. D. Julián Cezón Prieto . From its beginnings CIMO is characterized to assist its patients based on the latest technologies but always with a personal and human treatment.

The same year the 1st edition of the International Congress of Refractive Surgery with Direct Refractive Seville Surgery is held, an event that over the years has won the Scientific Interest Event Sanitary by the Junta de Andalucía and to be considered as one of the essential annual events in the national and international calendar in Refractive Surgery. CIMO participates in numerous congresses and meetings, publishes articles and books and conducts Training Courses, in Spain and abroad.

In its beginnings CIMO it is established in the building Winterthur of the Avenue of the Palmera of Seville. In 2008 CIMO temporarily moved its facilities to the island of La Cartuja until September 2011 when they finished the remodeling works of the definitive headquarters located in a unique traditional building of the well known avenue of Manuel Siurot in Seville. One of the most ambitious projects of the Andalusian Ophthalmology is set in motion: to achieve in a family environment, far from the cold spaces of the national macro-clinics of reference, to combine the best medical care with the latest technologies with a preferential dedication towards the Patient as an integral person.

His doctrine: the pursuit of excellence.

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

We treat people

Our slogan is ‘treat a patient like you or your family would like to be treated.’

CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic is an Andalusian ophthalmological clinic, where we like to talk to our patients, understanding their needs and looking after them as best we can. You will meet your doctor at the beginning of treatment and he and his team will always be there for you, before, during and after treatment to resolve any problems you may have.

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

Five-star Patient Care

Our aim is to make our patients feel comfortable and safe from the word “go”. CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic is easily accessible and easy to find.

We even help you find accommodation if you are coming from outside Andalusia or Spain. We are highly concerned about your waiting time and we will always make you feel as comfortable as possible during that time. We are open to any suggestions to improve our services and we have a continuous self-assessment system to do just that.

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

Made-to-measure service

‘The best personalized treatment’

At CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic you will get the best personalized treatment for your condition. CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic always recommends the best treatment for each patient according to his/her condition.

Every patient’s eyes are examined thoroughly to enable us to recommend an individualized tailor-made treatment.

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

We are pioneers in the latest techniques

‘Dr. Cezón is a world reference in techniques and treatment.’
The ophthalmologist Dr. Cezón has brought new techniques not only to Andalusia but to Spain. At the moment, he is undoubtedly the leader in Spain, and amongst the few specialists world-wide to implant light-sensitive lenses (since 2009).

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

We have the technology

Our team has the best contrast technology. At CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic we take part in the design, development and improvement of diagnostic and surgical instruments.

‘Our technology is our tool. Our hands, expertise and heart are our greatest assets.’

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

World-wide recognition

CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic works with the most prestigious international scientific communities. We take part in world-wide research in ophthalmology, we speak English and French as well as Spanish, and we have many patients from abroad. The ophthalmologist Dr. Cezón is a recognized member of the most important ophthalmology societies in the world.

Why CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic?

Refractive Seville

Every year we organize one of the best refractive surgery conferences in Europe: Refractive Seville, led by Dr. Cezón. What’s more, Dr. Cezón regularly participates in radio and television programmes, writes in the press, publishes books, articles and manuscripts.

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