Director and ophthalmologist Dr. Julián Cezón

The pursuit of excellence

Clínica Cimo

Ophthalmologist – Julian Cezón

Speciality: Ophthalmology

Expert in: Refractive Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Presbyopia Surgery and the pioneer in Spain for Keratoconus treatment.

General: The ophthalmologist Dr. Julián Cezón is the founder of CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic. He has an outstanding team of professionals and he likes to treat his patients personally, before, during and after surgery.
Every year he leads the international congress “Refractive Seville” in which he gives courses and carries out live surgery. He is a member of the most prestigious International Ophthalmology Societies.

Apart from his specialty as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Julián Cezón is a Military Doctor of the Air force and he has a degree in Aerospace medicine from the Air force Hospital, and holds the rank of Major in Medical Health.

PIONEER in Ophthalmological Surgery

The ophthalmological specialist Dr. Julián Cezón is an expert in Refractive Surgery and Cataract Surgery, he is an expert in micro incision techniques and he has designed surgical instruments for the treatment of keratoconus.

He is the leader in Europe in Cataract Surgery using the technique of micro incision and in Keratoconus Treatment with Intracorneal Segments, and afterwards, by means of Crosslinking (Collagen Reticulation). He has been doing this for 14 years and indeed, much of his effort since then has been tirelessly researching and developing these techniques.

Nowadays, the ophthalmological specialist Dr. Julián Cezón is the world reference in the implantation of the light adjustable lens (LAL), an advanced intraocular lens used in the treatment of cataracts and presbyopia.


In 1995 the ophthalmological specialist Dr. Julián Cezón founded the CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic. It is an International Centre for Ocular Microsurgery. His aim was to create a clinic to combine outstanding surgical skills with technology, and the most avant-garde techniques, with the highest level of research as well as the best patient care and attention.

Today, the CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic is an international reference in ophthalmological surgery, this reputation is indeed defended and maintained on a daily basis by our team, refining surgical techniques, procedures and every single aspect of patient care.

Ophthalmological Societies – the ophthalmological specialist Dr. Julián Cezón belongs to the most prestigious ophthalmological associations:

International Associations:

  • AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
  • ISRS (International Society of Refractive Surgery). He is trustee of the International Council
  • SFO (French Society of Ophthalmology)
  • ESCRS (The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons)

National Associations:

  • Spanish Society of Ophthalmology
  • SECOIR (Spanish Society of Refractive ocular implant surgery)
  • Co-founder of Keratoconus Society


He leads the International Course in Seville on live Refractive Surgery. This has been classified as of scientific health interest by the Regional Government of Andalusia and has been running for 14 years.

In said course more than 400 ophthalmologists from around the world meet in Seville where the latest techniques in surgery are performed live.

He is a professor at the Minimal Invasive Surgery Centre (CCMI) of Cáceres, one of the most important centres in the world in surgical techniques using minimal incisions. Every year he organizes a course devoted to micro incision techniques on cataracts.


The ophthalmological specialist Dr. Julián Cezón collaborates with several national and international publications. He has published more than 50 manuscripts as the first or second author, the most recent of which being “Techniques in corneal modeling : from orthokeratology to Cross-linking” as the main author.

Private life:

The ophthalmological specialist Dr. Julián Cezón loves all types of sport, but his real passion is rugby. He was champion of Spain with his team from the Faculty of Architecture in the 80s. Even today, he tries to get away from it all for a couple of hours a week to play with the Rugby Veterans’ Team of Seville and to coach the young players of CAR where his son now plays. Julián was born in Madrid, and he has lived with his family in Seville for decades as he loves Andalusia.

Julián’s parents and in-laws, nephews and nieces all live free of glasses and lenses!

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