Cataract surgery

At CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic we are specialists in treating cataracts by means of micro laser surgery. The ophthalmologist Dr. Julián Cezón is an expert in cataract surgery.

If you are over 60 and you notice:

  • Less sight
  • Blurred or opaque vision
  • Faded colours (especially whites appearing yellowed)
  • Glare. Car lights, lamps or sunlight seem to be too bright. A halo around lights.
  • You cannot see well at night. You don’t feel confident driving at night.
  • Double vision or multiple images in one eye.
  • Frequent changes in the prescription of your glasses or contact lenses.
  • You confuse certain colours (black for blues or purples)

It is likely you have cataracts in one eye.


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What is the treatment for cataracts?

Cataracts are removed by surgery.

The surgery is painless, it takes less than ten minutes and the problem is resolved and your sight is recovered.

Nobody should let a cataract go so far that all the sight is lost in the eye. However, even in these extreme cases which are less and less frequent nowadays, surgery can recover sight.

Moreover, CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic in Seville is the only ophthalmological centre in Spain which offers the most advanced intraocular lens in the last 60 years: the Light adjustable lens (LAL). This lens is implanted in the eye during the normal cataract operation and it adjusts the dioptres with a special ray of light without having to touch the eye or undergo another operation.

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What are cataracts?

A cataract forms when the crystalline lens (a transparent lens the size of a lentil that we have in our eyes) becomes cloudy and as a consequence, your sight gets worse.

Most cataracts are age-related. They are very common in the elderly. At the age of 80, more than half of the population has a cataract or has had cataract surgery.
Cataracts can occur in either or both eyes but they are not transmitted from one eye to the other.

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