Glaucoma Surgery

At CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic we are specialists in Glaucoma surgery by means of micro laser surgery. The ophthalmologist Dr. Julián Cezón is an expert in glaucoma surgery.

The symptoms are

  • At first the higher eye pressure does not produce any symptoms.
  • Afterwards, peripheral vision can narrow.
  • Slight headaches and slight changes in sight are noticed, for example: halos around electric lights or difficulties in getting used to the dark.
  • Finally the patient can have tunnel vision, an extreme narrowing of the field of vision making it difficult to see objects on either side when looking straight ahead.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a degenerative disease caused by an increase in eye pressure. Inside the eye there is an aqueous liquid which is renewed continually, however, if the draining system fails, the intraocular pressure increases and can damage the optic nerve.


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Diagnosing glaucoma

By measuring the intraocular pressure, which is a very quick painless test, this condition can be detected. People with glaucoma have an abnormal increase in their intraocular pressure. Nonetheless, not everyone with higher intraocular pressure have glaucoma, this is just one of the risk factors of this pathology. Two more tests are necessary in such cases to confirm the diagnosis: perimetry or an examination of the field of vision and ophthalmoscopy to examine the optic nerve and the back of the eye.

Treatments for glaucoma

The choice of treatment depends on the type of glaucoma. Primary glaucoma with an open angle usually occurs after 55, or amongst diabetics or short sighted people. The treatment of primary glaucoma (90% of the cases) is with atopic medication or laser surgery or valvular implantation, thus helping drainage.

Closed-angle glaucoma (chronic or simple) is less frequent and can go hand in hand with pain in the eye, headaches, blurred vision, nauseas and vomiting. The definitive treatment is using laser, although in chronic cases atopic drugs are also needed.

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