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Myopia, Hypermetropy and Astigmatism Surgery

Why operate on myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism?

Myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism are sight problems which can be resolved using laser surgery, allowing you to eliminate the use of glasses and lenses. At CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic we are specialists in myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism surgery and we offer a wide range of possible treatments to suit your condition.

CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic guarantees made-to-measure treatment for your sight problems according to the precise diagnosis taken after a thorough examination.

The surgery to get rid of glasses and lenses is painless and takes a few minutes.

Forget about glasses and lenses! 10 most frequently asked questions

Can I stop using glasses after laser surgery?

If you are over 21 and you haven’t had to change the prescription of your glasses or lenses, it is likely that you can stop using them after laser surgery. Contact us and do the tests to make sure you are suitable for Excimer laser surgery.

How do I know I can have myopia surgery?

You should go to an ophthalmologist with experience in this type of surgery to do the appropriate tests to see if it is suitable for you. The tests are easy and quick, they do not hurt and they take 30 minutes.

Call CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic to talk to our experts and ask for a free appointment. You will see our facilities and meet the doctors who will do the surgery.

Will the surgery hurt?

No, the surgery is completely painless.

The surgery is done after applying some drops of anaesthesia in your eyes whilst awake. What’s more, you will be made comfortable during the surgery, without anything covering your body or eyes.

If you have LASIK surgery, after the procedure you will notice a slight feeling of pressure, or stinging and the light will bother you for a couple of days before being able to see perfectly. After ASA surgery, these symptoms are slightly more intense: for 48 hours after and you will need medication (drops) to relieve the discomfort.

How long does the myopia surgery take?

It takes a few minutes, and the laser is working for a few seconds. Indeed the preparation time is more than the actual operation itself.

Is it safe to have eye surgery?

Yes. The first eye surgery took place at the end of the 80s and there are millions of people world wide who have had laser surgery. We have been doing this successfully at CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic for years.

Even if you move your eyes, cough, sneeze or close your eyes whilst the surgery is taking place, the laser has a “Tracker” system which follows all your movement and guarantees a perfect result.

How will I see just after the surgery?

With the LASIK technique after a few minutes you will see as if you were looking through a glass screen in the bathroom.

With the ASA technique the improvement in your sight will take longer, after a few days.

Why is there such a difference in price from one clinic to another?

These operations, although quick, are not easy. A detailed study as well as the adequate equipment is necessary, not to mention the expertise of the doctor carrying out the operation.

Those centres with very low prices have to sacrifice time and quality and at times are saddled with hidden costs. They need to operate on many patients, avoid complex cases and reduce their overheads.

We believe your sight to be too precious to put it at risk. Our standard level of treatment is well above the average levels of quality. We use all our time and devotion to get the best results.

At CIMO Ophthalmological Clinic we personalize every case, we programme the laser just for you, and we carry out all the follow-up appointments.

What will happen during my first appointment?

In the first appointment, our aim is to inform you of all your options for your condition as soon as possible. We will carry out some simple, painless tests to guide us, allowing us to understand your problem in a few minutes and thus, how to resolve it. The doctor will explain to you what is happening and he will inform you of the best treatment for your case.

If you use soft lenses, you should stop using them for two to three days before the first appointment. If you use hard or semi-hard lenses, you should stop using them for two weeks before the first appointment. Try to avoid excessive use of make-up around the eyes.

How long do the tests before the surgery take?

After the first tests, we arrange another appointment, as we need approximately two hours to take a series of measurements of your eyes (precise graduation with and without pupil dilating, thickness of the cornea, its geometry, etc…). The secret of perfect surgery is the thorough study before surgery.

You should come with someone, as, after pupil dilating you will have blurred vision for a few hours.

Should I come with someone?

You should come with someone for both the tests before the surgery and the surgery. You should ask your doctor when you will be able to drive again. After the operation you can travel by car, train, but you shouldn’t use the bus. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

Why wait longer?

If you have any symptoms….What’s the matter with me Doctor? Ask here.


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